50/50 Club

How would you like to win £100 for an outlay of just £1? It is possible with our 50/50 Club.

Each month the members of the club pay a subscription by standing order to the Charity. Half the income goes into the Charity’s funds and the other half goes to the prize fund, hence the name 50/50 Club. Each month there will be a prize draw with three prizes:

  • 1st prize will get 50% of the prize fund
  • 2nd prize will get 30% of the prize fund
  • 3rd prize will get 20% of the prize fund

Each chance to win costs £1 per month and you can put in as much as you like. The more you put in, the greater your chances of winning and the greater the prize fund.

It is easy to enter

  • Download the brochure and application form here
  • Print and fill in both sides of the form, and send it to the Charity at the address given in the brochure
  • We will send the form to your bank to start the payments by standing order
  • Each month, when we receive your subscription, we will enter you into the prize draw and if you win, we will contact you
  • If you ever wish to stop, please let us know and tell your bank to cancel the standing order. Also, if you move, please let us know
  • The total income received and the winners’names will be published on this website each month